Trading risk management software

Whether we are acting as your broker or service bureau, we have the right risk management software to help you oversee your positions, and manage your risk to help you to protect your gains and manage losses arising from big market swings.

We provide the tools to help you monitor and manage risk and assist you in running your trading strategy.

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Our approach

We combine technology, data and people to deliver highly personalized solutions.

We can help you manage anything from several traders and a few positions to large trading groups and hundreds or thousands of positions.

Lightspeed risk suite

Complete Risk Management for Traders and Risk Managers

Lightspeed offers Lightspeed Risk, a solution for risk management that manages Lightspeed Trader activity. The risk management application is designed to help trade managers and risk supervisors manage risk across multiple accounts. Users can monitor profit, loss, halted trading symbols, and real-time trading activity. Users can also access an automated, real-time short locate system which allows for electronic requests and ensures compliance regulation.


  • Symbol Monitoring: Quickly see traders’ exposure to a particular symbol of interest.

  • Halted Symbols: See which traders are holding a halted trading symbol and the number of shares.

  • Trade Watcher: Real-time scrolling view of all executions for your trading group.

  • Equity Ratio Monitors: Display a trader’s real-time profit or loss as a percentage of their total account value. This can be used on both individual and grouped accounts and monitor risk across all products traded.

  • Short Sale Requester: Real-time locate system of electronic requests and responses that ensures compliance with regulations.

  • Trading Limits: Set P&L, positions size, and other trading limits on any supervised account. Violations are automatically blocked.

  • Portfolio margin and advanced options risk.

  • Completely customizable design window layouts and all columns.

Options Risk Management

The Options Risk Manager, a proprietary risk and leverage management application, offers options traders and portfolio margin clients access to order execution. ORM is an order execution, risk, and position management system that has been designed to address functionality gaps that are not available in many third-party trading systems. The product is constantly being enhanced and improved using client input and internal development resources.


Risk Management & Margin Monitoring

The risk and margin tools address needs that are significant in managing a trading group with a portfolio margin type of account. The margin monitors are especially important and are tools that differentiate ORM from any other option risk management system.


Real-time Portfolio Margin

With real-time portfolio margin, managers can monitor each asset class for excessive risk on either a summary tab or they can drill into each asset class and view real-time requirements on individual positions.


Day Trade Margin: Evaluation & Management

This tool calculates day trade margin requirements in real-time and displays various metrics to assist trading groups with liquidation decisions from positions subject to Day Trade Margin. On the screen, users can view data in a summarized format for the entire group or evaluate individual positions that are ranked by margin requirement.

Auto Risk

Predefine Trading Parameters and Limits


This application allows the manager to set differing predefined trading parameters and limits for different users on the Lightspeed Trader platform.

Some of these parameters include:


  • Profit and loss

  • Position size

  • Number of open positions

  • Pre and post-market trading

  • Various exchanges


If any of the limits are reached, then an automated action is taken. This invaluable tool gives managers the peace of mind they need to implement and monitor their rules and strategies


Broker Order Entry Interface

As an additional measure of risk management with Lightspeed Trader, Broker Order Entry Interface (BOEI) gives managers the ability to access the accounts of, and place trades in real-time accounts that they manage or supervise. This easy-to-use order entry interface also gives managers the ability to place trades for their traders if they direct you to do so or if for any reason they are unable to enter an order on their own.

Full Features Web-based Risk System*

For those interested in more advanced tools, Lightspeed offers a full-featured version of the Risk Analytics System, including tools to expand risk calculations, concentration risk, liquidity risk, risk by sector/market cap, full margin requirement details, VaR, and much more.


The system is fully integrated with accounts, and thus all positions and real-time trades will automatically flow through for risk detection – all you need is a web browser.

Services are provided through our technology vendor relationship. Additional monthly fees may apply.

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